"You hold an event and we turn up"
"You hold an event and we turn up"


Charter Members: Charter Memberships in The Bad Pennies are no longer available.


Regular Members: all are invited to join as Regular Members of The Bad Pennies.


To become a member, fill out the membership application form and a check made out to AThe Bad Pennies@ for the initiation fee and first year=s dues (total of $20) and mail them to the Post Office box. In return will receive:


A Club patch (an embroidered 4 inch patch depiction of our logo),

          A Club membership card (eventually),

The Club newsletter (expected to be published quarterly) providing advance information on upcoming activities,

Advance agendas of our meetings (fifth Friday of the month, starting at 1 minute past midnight, in the Pentagon South Parking lot--Aisle 5),


          Probably some other things as we figure out what and why,

And, most of all, the gratitude of the founders of The Bad Pennies who need to know there are others who are as crazy as we are.


Come join the ADVENTURE, come join The Bad Pennies.

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The Bad Pennies

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Phone: (703) 980-0392

E-mail: matt@thebadpennies.org
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