"You hold an event and we turn up"
"You hold an event and we turn up"


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Next Bad Pennies meeting will be on Saturday December 3, 2011 at 1:00 at the start of the Washington DC Club Alexandria walk. Elections will be held. We will gather at the start point and find a suitable location nearby to hold the meeting. Start is at: Kate Waller Barrett Branch Library, 717 Queen St., Alexandria VA 22314. DIRECTIONS TO S/F POINT.


From the East or West via I 95/I 495 (Capital Beltway): Take Exit 177B (US-1 North/Alexandria). Continue north on US-1 for about 10 blocks (0.8 miles) to Queen St. (2 blocks past King St.). Turn RIGHT on Queen St. for 2 1/2 blocks. The Library will be on your left.


From the North via the George Washington Memorial Parkway: Take the GW Parkway into Old Town Alexandria. Continue on what now is called Washington St. for about 8 blocks from the first traffic signal at Slater's Lane to Princess St. Turn RIGHT on Princess St. You will be one block north of the library, which is on the far side of a large parking lot to your left.


Parking: Look for parking spaces in legal spots along the streets, especially to the north and west of the S/F Point. Obey all parking signs, and provide proper payment for meters on Saturday. Do NOT park in private lots unless you have paid the proper fee and/or had explicit permission to park from the lot owner.

We just completed Adventure 46 to the IVV Olympiad in Antalya, Turkey.



Several write-ups are included in this newsletter. We are already planning for the next Olympiad at Val Gardena, South Tyrol (Northern Italy) June 25-29, 2013.  Another Adventure will be to the Canadian Convention in Ottawa.  It was decided to rent vans and drive there due to the high airfare cost. Also, it was recommended to do another weekend in Seattle, one in London and maybe the Belgium, France Luxembourg circuit.



            Please let Matt know if you are interested in anything else. We will go where the membership is interested in going.



            We are still offering a discount whenever you rent a car from AVIS.  Our Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number is Q050308.  If a lower rate is available at the time of reservation, you may choose that “over-the-counter” rate and enjoy a 5% discount on daily rates or a minimum of 10% off the weekly and weekend rates.


            Please, please, please speak up as to where, when, how long, how expensive, how much road time, etc you want in your Adventures.  If you don’t speak up then I’ll only hear from the vocal people, and most of those do not participate in the Adventures.  Write, e-mail, or phone day (703) 312-3320, eve (703) 620-5892, cell (703) 980-0392,  e-mail

matt@thebadpennies.org or  snail mail The Bad Pennies; P.O. Box 2393; Merrifield, Virginia 22116-2393.



            If you have a new e-mail address, or home or work phone numbers, please let us know.


            We are also still looking to purchase small transportable gifts to give other clubs that help us by putting on walks and hosting us.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.  We used the White House Christmas ornament as gifts on a previous Adventure.





            If you know that you haven’t paid your $10 dues in the last year, please do not procrastinate and mail them in to the P.O. Box.  We really do not want to lose you.


            We are sending you your newsletter by e-mail.  This will save the club printing and postage costs, and make the editor’s job a little easier. Also, you can see the photos in color.  Please ensure that I have your current and correct e-mail. Send it to matt@thebadpennies.org  If you do not have e-mail, will still will snail mail you a copy.

February/March 2011


NAME             DISTANCE      EVENTS


Dorothy Marshall       20, 000      

Marie Kupres              16,000         1,500

Sam Tollett                   11,000   

Joyce Backus                 3,000             325

Robert Lumbert                               4,500





Annette Tollett                                     3,500

Klaus Waibel                                       2,500

James Geith                                           1,400

Evalee Dumas                                       1,100

Alexander Estrin                                        850

Judy Estrin                                                 850

Jim Truscott                                                650


April/May 2011


 NAME            DISTANCE          EVENTS


Kenneth Wilson          90, 000                           

Shirley Ponse               12,000                 1,200

Hans Ponse                    7,500                   750

Paul Sullivan               5,000                      500

Gale Waibel                                             1,700






Dee Schrum                                        1,250

Betty Strawderman                           1,250

Daniel Horne                                         525

Maribeth Evans                                      225

June/July 2011


NAME            DISTANCE        EVENTS


Maureen Penta          19, 000               1,250

Karen Kinkaid           10,000                    

Nancy Geith                 6,000     

Daniel Horne                5,500        

Dayle Horne                 3,500                   225

Becky Mackoy             3,000                   

Kathy McGarril            2,000                 175

Thomas McGarril          2,000                 175

Heather Coxon              1,500                 150

John Kupyar                                         750


August/September 2011


NAME             DISTANCE       EVENTS


Paul Lamb                                     22, 000

Marshall Hansen         22,000            1,300

Holly Pelking                13,000               900

Alexander Estrin            9,000                900

Judy Estrin                     9,000               900             

Meribeth Evans            3,000                   

Robert Lumbert                                 4,600

Dorothy Marshall                              1,700

Shirley Ponse                                        1,250

Hans Ponse                                              800

Paul Sullivan                                           525

October/November 2011




Gale Waibel.             20, 000

Dee Schrum               14,000            

John Kupyar                 9,000

Kay Nunn                     2,500          

Klaus Waibel                                         3,000

Frank Kupres                                       1,900

Sam Tollett                                          1,050

Mary Kinkaid                                         900

Dolores Grenier                                        450

Daniel Zegelin                                          75

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