"You hold an event and we turn up"
"You hold an event and we turn up"

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"You hold an event and we turn up" THE BAD PENNIES

The splendid treasures of America's largest home


Thousands of original furnishings. Comforts and technologies that were virtually unknown back in 1895. Original art from masters such as Renoir. Magnificent 16th-century tapestries. More than 40 bronze sculptures. Curiosities collected from George Vanderbilt's excursions to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Napoleon's chess set. A library with 10,000 volumes. A Banquet Hall with a 70-foot ceiling. Fascinating kitchens and remarkable recreational areas. Room after room of art, history, and luxury.


The sheer scale of Biltmore House is almost overwhelming, yet it feels surprisingly welcoming and comfortable. After all, these amazing four acres of floor space were designed not as a museum but as a family home and country retreat. To this day, it is still the largest privately owned home in America, and it remains one of the most engaging portraits of 19th-century life ever created.


by Maureen Penta

Once again the Bad Pennies came through with a terrific trip - this one to Asheville, NC, for the "Biltmore Adventure." We met at Reagan International Airport and then proceeded to Ashville where we picked up two vans and then we were on our way.


So much thanks to our two volunteer drivers! Our first walk was in Morganton with a choice of 4 different distances ranging from 6KM to 13KM. We then met at Judge's Bar-B-Q for dinner - some ordered from the buffet - others from the menu. MMM !

The next day was the best of all. We met at the Biltmore Estate in the early morning to walk the grounds. Here we were allowed to do a trail which most tourists do not see. It was a lovely choice of walks either through the woods and/or the most beautiful gardens. At noon we did the Ashville city walk and had lunch on the trail.






Then in the evening drove back to the Biltmore Estate for a lovely tour of the very lavish home and the "Christmas Lights" tour. Everything was all "dressed up for Christmas." and I think we saw more than 75 Christmas trees in various rooms of the house. It was astonishing. Then dinner at Frankie Bones - cool!


The next day we did the Arboretum walk which included the greenhouse, the bonsai gardens and so much more. Walkers chose their own trails which made everyone happy. A walk in the town of Henderson rounded out the day.


Then on to the airport and home.


Thanks, Matt for another great walking adventure.


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