"You hold an event and we turn up"
"You hold an event and we turn up"




Never let it be said that the Bad Pennies don’t pack a lot into just a few days, or at least that was my experience when I went with eleven other Volksmarchers on a recent trip to New England. We landed at the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire, piled into two vans and drove to the first walk that began in Norwich, Vermont. Probably one of the things I will always remember about this walk was the spectacular flower gardens that were everywhere. The walk also took us over a bridge and into Hanover, New Hampshire, the home of Dartmouth University, which gave us the opportunity to see its lovely campus. After we were finished the walk back in Norwich, we piled into the vans and drove to Concord, Massachusetts. Some of the hardier folks did a second walk when we arrived in Concord while the rest of us had a very relaxing dinner at a very nice restaurant. I was in the latter group. The next morning we piled back into the vans and drove to Boston. Street construction was everywhere but our trusty drivers got us there safely which was no easy task given the traffic obstacles they faced. We were again given the opportunity to do two walks one of which was the Freedom Trail. In my opinion, it certainly deserved the #1 spot it received when AVA members voted on their favorite walk in 1996. The second walk included the Back Bay area and from all accounts that was a wonderful walk as well. Our shepherd, I mean leader, Matt Pernick made sure we were all accounted for and then it was back into the vans for the drive to Kittery, Maine. In case you are not aware, this special place on earth includes the MEMORABLE Yummies Candy and Nuts shop. While we teased Matt about wanting to go there, I noticed that most of the group including yours truly made several purchases. Saturday evening’s activities included a lobster dinner and some of us (not mentioning any names) took the easy way out and ordered the lazy man (and woman’s) lobster. All of the enjoyment of eating the lobster without any of the work seemed like a good idea to us. Finally, it was up and at ‘em early on Sunday as we assembled for our last day of walking of the trip. The starting point for the day’s two walks, bike ride and two swims was Four Tree Island in New Hampshire. The Seacoast Striders, our host group, have an annual BBQ and most of the group took the opportunity to let someone else do the cooking. Eating lunch while relaxing on an island was very enjoyable to say the least. That evening we drove to Manchester, returned the vans and came back home. When I tell people how much we did in such a short time, they are amazed. I must admit at times I felt like a Keystone Kop piling in and out of the van and running to be on time to go to the next place but I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. It was a great group to travel with and the scenery was out of this world. I had such a wonderful time I’m already getting ready for my next Bad Penny trip!


Peggy Bercher

tired but happy walker

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